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This availability list gives you a quick overview of upcoming openings you can book on our website or Spaces app. Or if you're going to be booking multiple sessions, we can invoice you a discounted pack and book the dates for you.


Wednesday May 29 (Anytime until 1:30pm)

Thursday May 30 (Anytime until 12:30pm)

Sunday June 2 (Anytime after 5:00pm)

Tuesday June 4 (Anytime until 3:30pm)

Wednesday June 5 (Anytime)

Friday June 7 (Anytime until 12:30pm)

Tuesday June 11 (Anytime until 3:30pm)

Wednesday June 12 (Anytime until 1:30pm)

Friday June 14 (Anytime until 12:30pm)

Saturday June 15 (Anytime until 11am)

Sunday June 16 (After 1:30pm)

Tuesday June 18 (Anytime until 3:30pm)

Wednesday June 19 (Anytime after 6pm)

Friday June 21 (Anytime until 12:30pm)

Sunday June 23 (After 1:30pm)

Tuesday June 25 (Anytime until 3:30pm)

Wednesday June 26 (Anytime)

Friday June 28 (Anytime until 12:30pm)

Saturday June 29 (Anytime)

Sunday June 30 (After 1:30pm)

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