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Lil'o's Club
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Group Hikes/Walks

This will be a fun group walk session dedicated to all of our dogs under 20 lbs (Rabies required) and their pet parents. During the walk, dogs will get to play, socialize at whatever distance they're comfortable with, sniff new smells, discover new sights, and enjoy simply being outdoors with you and us!

Small Dog Socialization Services in Mississauga

Outdoor Group Play

Join us to help our dogs not only play and socialize with one another, but also practice handling distractions, staying focused on you (past natural distractions), and feeling at ease around other dogs and their pet parents. Be sure, a dog trainer will always be on hand to assist all pet parents in attendance.

Small Dog Play Sessions Mississauga

Indoor Group Play

There's really nothing better than a dog who's able to make amazing choices in fun and social environments. Let's get together and help our dogs not only socialize and play with one another, but also practice working through their distractions, engaging with you, and above all feeling good about being close to other littles and their pet parents. And no need to worry, as there will always be a trainer  present to guide all pet parents attending.

1.5 Hr (At Your Home) Private Training

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