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Small Dog Outdoor Play Sessions


Join us to help our dogs not only play and socialize with one another, but also practice handling distractions, staying focused on you (past natural distractions), and feeling at ease around other dogs and their pet parents. Be sure, a dog trainer will always be on hand to assist all pet parents in attendance. Duration: 60 minutes. Most sessions are in Mississauga, but the specific location will be indicated on every booking.

At our play sessions, each dog attending wears a differently coloured bandana to help everyone be aware of what each dog’s comfort level is. 🟢 GREEN: “Today I’m feeling fairly comfortable with being approached by all.” 🟡 YELLOW: “Today I’m feeling comfortable getting to know you, but it might depend on how our interactions go." 🔴 RED: “Today I’d definitely enjoy some extra space and time before getting to know you.” Your dog may wear different colours from one session to the next. We want to take into account our dog’s overall mood that day as well, as well as the comfort level of others present.

"Our 3 dogs love play sessions with Carlos! They come home happy and tired from all the playtime and enrichment Carlos provides! Our Pomeranian goes for training sessions as well and I have seen such a difference in him since day 1. Situations and places I've never thought he'd be behaved in.. he's great!" - Athen P.


(Optional and available after your first session/we've met your dog) You can book sessions as you go above, or you can at any time purchase a discounted pack so that you can book sessions as you go, without having to pay each time.

Packs are currently available through our Spaces app, for which we'll send you a link for, once we've had a chance to meet you and your dog. At that point, we'll be able to advise if this service and its corresponding packs is the most suitable for you both!

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