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Lil'o's Club
Private At-Home Dog Training Sessions available for dogs in Mississauga, Oakville and Etobicoke

1 On 1 Private Dog Training

I'll come to your home so that we can work on any issues and dog training concerns you have. The goal of private training is to help you understand the different reasons for your dog's different behaviours, why they feel the need to do them and how to guide them towards making better choices in pain-free ways.

Outdoor Enrichment adventures for small dogs.

Enrichment Outings

This service is for all small dogs (we recommend your dog be up to date on their vet records) and will provide them an opportunity to join one of our team members on a fun outdoor adventure, that will be sure to engage all of your dog's senses, further their socialization and hand you over a happy, tired pooch!

Drop-Off Playtime for Small Dogs in Mississauga

Drop-Off Playtime

Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend some fun and engaging play time with us. As well as socialize with other dogs and people in the area, all while practicing wanted behaviours in a 100% positive manner.

Drop-Off Dog Socialization option for your small dog to become more comfortable and confident with the outside world.

Drop-Off Dog Socialization

Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend some time with me and work on your dog's social skills in different settings, all based on your dog's comfort level and your goals. The advantage to this service is that I can get a lot out of my busy and dog-friendly area, to help your dog become more comfortable in social settings and ultimately make better choices, in different situations.

Drop-Off Dog Training for small dogs in Mississauga

Drop-Off Dog Training

Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend time with me learning new behaviours, how to best behave and what choices to make in different situations. The most commonly requested lessons and behaviours to tackle are leash training, recall, manners and overall impulse control. You can book each session as you need and they will all come with videos of what your dog is doing and practicing.

Food Puzzle Rental for small dogs in Mississauga.

Food Puzzle Rental

Choose any puzzle from our puzzle library to rent for your dog to get to use at home! There's nothing better than providing dogs with regular, different, mentally enriching activities that encourage their thinking skills!

1.5 Hr (At Your Home) Private Training

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