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Each service in this list is ordered following the flow that most pet parents take, but know that you can start with any of them.
Ultimately, the service you start with really depends on your dog's personality, behaviour and your goals.

Private Dog Training

Private Training/ 1 On 1 Support

Given that these sessions are 1 on 1, any dog can begin here (regardless of their size). That's where we can tackle any behavioural concerns you have, including socialization behaviours, as we want to make sure that a dog is ready for group options, if you are consistently experiencing behaviourals concerns in those types of settings.

Lucy looking through a snuffle pit game.

The Snuffle Sector/Room

Start with this private option, if you'd like to take your dog through a wonderfully enriching activity, where we've setup different type of mentally enriching games, puzzles and toys for you and your dog to navigate together. This option can also be great for us to learn more about your dog. And if they happen to be timd or shy, it's a great pressure-free environment where they get to do what comes naturally to their senses.

Mississauga and Peel Region group walks for small dogs and their pet parents.

Group Walks/Hikes

If your dog is able to be around other small dogs, but isn't quite yet comfortable with being approached and freely interacting with dogs in different ways, you can both join our group walks where all dogs will be on a leash as they walk onwards, exploring their environment with us and interacting with one another to their heart's content. Each session will use different coloured bandanas to identify the comfort level of each dog present. Dogs who are consistently reactive to dogs or people will do best starting with our private training option.

Small Dog Play Sessions Near Me

Indoor Group Play Sessions

Offered in a variety of sizes for small dogs, our group play sessions offer a supervised and positive leash-free environment where you and your little one will get to socialize with others. Each session will use different coloured bandanas to identify the comfort level of each dog present. If your dog is very shy or timid, starting with our group walks will be the best option.

Pomeranian Boba posing for a photo on a windy day.

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Stick around, as we work hard to bring you more resources that'll aid you and your little one in your dog training journey.

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