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Mississauga Positive Reinforcement Training and Enrichment for Small Dogs


Drop off your dog with me at my home (by Square One in Mississauga) and I'll focus on strengthening his/her social skills! Book and drop off your dog so that he/she gets to spend some time with me and socialize with other dogs and people in my area, and/or any type of environment that is currently a main cause of concern. When it comes to socialization, each case is completely different, and this service allows us to tailor the exact activities, in order to set our littles up for success by encouraging them to make all the right choices in a positive manner. We cannot force nor make a dog do something that simply does not feel comfortable to them, whether it be due to natural reasons, or past experiences. Instead, what we do is tackle and work through different settings and environments we carefully curate to each dog's capabilities and limits, and slowly work our way up!

Some examples of what we work on includes dog reactivity, anxiety while outdoors, sensitivity to noises, greeting people and dogs, overall confidence/self-esteem building and more. Any downtime during this session allows your dog to be able to take a break from socialization, decompress, regulate their emotions and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed or overtired (which would then be counterproductive). How is this Drop-Off service different than the others? Drop-Off Socialization is mainly for dogs that do not have an easy time being themselves and/or social in most settings. Starting with Drop-Off Socialization sessions will be recommended either as an introductory option, for us to help build your dog's comfort and overall confidence in different situations. A combination of this drop-off option and the others may be recommended too. Contact us, or book an at-home private session to start. Trainer: Carlos When/How: Date/Time of your choosing. One session (book more as you need). Where: Walking distance to Square One mall. Please note: - Ongoing text/phone support is available before & after your session(s) via WhatsApp.

(3-20 lbs) 3 Hr Drop-Off Socialization

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