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Pawblems Made Easy Policy & Lil'o's Club Policy

Fleas: It is requested that all dogs attending any of our services are on a flea and heartworm prevention program. Dogs with fleas are not permitted. Dogs with fleas will be separated from the group and will need to be picked up/taken home immediately.

Clothing and Tags: A collar without tags may be worn, however, it must be cloth or nylon, and with an easy-release buckle. Freedom harnesses or other properly fitted harnesses are also allowed and recommended.

Cancellations: 72-hour notice is required for any and all cancellations and can be made by logging in to your account to access your bookings. A refund will not be issued for cancellations that are done with less than 72 hours. Please contact us with any questions.

Vet Records & Neuter/Spay: By booking with the Lil'o's Club or Pawblems Made Easy I am confirming that my dog's vet records are up to date, in accordance to their age and vet recommendations. Young dogs that are not neutered/spayed may still register for our sessions (unless advised otherwise by our team or indicated in the service when booking).

Mailing list: When creating your account, you are by default joining our mailing list. Which consists primarily of educational and helpful content that we believe you and your dog will enjoy. You can unsubscribe at any moment and/or let us know if you would like us to unsubscribe you, on our end.


All dog training advice is meant to help pet parents reach their dog training goals. Despite the specific goals that you may have, our team will provide you with their take on why the unwanted behaviour(s) is happening, how you could go about preventing it and managing it. It's understood that not all recommendations (although all are 100% positive reinforcement based)  may match the expectations of the pet parents, but that they are curated to help the puppy or dog in question, be as successful as possible, with the training provided.


The pet parent booking understands that their attendance at any service, training class, or other pet-related event held at by the us, is not without risk to them or anyone representing, as some of the dogs to which they may be exposed, and to which their own dogs may also be exposed, could cause injury due to their difficult nature or temperament. I understand that, even when the greatest of care and attention is taken, there is always a possibility of injury to themselves, their dog(s), or, their representative.

The Lil'o's Club and Pawblems Made Easy team shall exercise reasonable care for their dog while their dog is in the team's custody. They recognize the potential risks involved with group play, dog daycare, training, and other events. They understand that the way dogs interact with one another can be unpredictable, and recognize injury can occur to my dog while co-mingling with other dogs. They understand the risks of injury include but are not limited to, scratches, minor cuts, bite marks, open wounds, major injury or even death. They have determined that the benefits of these activities outweigh the risks. The team reserves the right to refuse to provide training support to their dog for any reason or no reason at all as the Lil'o's Club sees fit.

If their dog becomes ill or injured for any reason while in care of the team, they give permission to the team staff to take all reasonable actions, to obtain medical treatment for their dog, including the use of a veterinarian. The pet parents agree to pay for all costs of such treatment immediately if required.

They represent to the team that, to the best of their knowledge, their dog has not been exposed to rabies, distemper or any other contagious or communicable disease in the thirty (30) day period prior to being under the team's care. They agree to notify the the team immediately if their dog is exposed to any virus, infection or other transferable illness. They further agree that they will not bring their dog to any Lil'o's Club or Pawblems Made Easy service, session or event unless and until their dog is free of any symptoms of illness for a reasonable period determined by a licensed veterinarian.

They further agree not to bring their dog to the Lil'o's Club  or Pawblems Made Easy if their dog is exhibiting any signs of illness that may be harmful to other dogs. Such signs of illness include, but are not limited to vomiting, diarrhea, extreme lethargy, and red eyes. They represent that they are the sole owner(s) of their dog, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

They hereby grant Lil'o's Club and Pawblems Made Easy the right to take photographs of their dog and to post or reproduce any and all photographs taken without limitation, on our website, social media accounts, promotional materials and merchandise. They expressly waive the right to receive any royalty or other payments of any kind related to the use of the photographs. They agree not to sue the Lil'o's Club nor Pawblems Made Easy and release them from any and all claims, demands, rights, causes of action of any kind related to the use of photographs.

They hereby waive and release Lil'o's Club and Pawblems Made Easy, including our staff and volunteers, from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage to themselves, their representative, their pets, and their belongings which may occur while on the premise for any pet-related event, class, service, or activity. If they abandon their dog with Lil'o's Club or Pawblems Made Easy, we may bring it to a dog shelter of our choice. They agree to hold harmless and indemnify any instructor, employee, assistant, volunteer, participant, agent, and any other person present at any pet-related service or event for any and all claims by themselves or anyone representing or accompanying, due to injury or damage of any nature.

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