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(Podcast) #PetParentsAsk Ep. 8: Why Does My Puppy Only Pee in One Spot?

"Why Does My Puppy Only Pee in One Spot?" Question about potty training. I often see advice from trainers to take the puppy to the same spot outside. But won't this teach them to go to only in that one spot? I understand that having a dedicated spot is very convenient, especially in bad weather when business needs to be done quickly.

I'd like for the puppy to be able to potty outside in general, on walks, and not hold everything in until he gets the dedicated spot. Thank you in advance for your input.

 That's a very good question. Very, uh, specific. But when it comes to potty training, what I would recommend is, really taking a look at your puppy's demeanour.

And I know that's not where a lot of trainers go when, asked about potty training, but if your puppy is needing to use one specific. Spot then it's not so much about the spot, it's about their comfort level. And so if I have a puppy that's a little bit more happy-go-lucky, a little bit more confident, a little bit more playful, more eager, more sure of himself, then I will likely have a much easier time going to new places, going to new areas, going to new locations, and having them do, or having them feel relaxed and at ease, comfortable enough to just potty there.

And so what I'd recommend again is really look at the demeanour. If your puppies one that is rather shy, timid, unsure, then having that same spot can be very reassuring for them, can be very clear, indicator to them that they know what to do, where to do it, when to do it, and I would slowly start to transition my way out of that.

I wouldn't rush it. If again, my puppy is one that's more eager, a lot more, confident, then you can likely push the boundaries a little bit more and go further out. Try new places, new locations, and you won't have much of an issue. But if yours is more of a. Shy pup, inexperienced, a little bit more nervous, and having that one spot maybe turn into two spots, and then eventually three without rushing would really be the key here, so that eventually your puppy does learn to generalize.

Does learn to use multiple places and eventually just anywhere or grass in general. Of course, have it be the place for them to go potty.



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