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Why Is My Dog Following Me Everywhere All of a Sudden?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Yes, at the top of the list is your dog loves you because you ARE their whole world! So that’s one of the reasons.

Let’s tackle the other 2:

Anxiousness This likely isn’t a big surprise, as your dog may have been displaying this behaviour for some time and likely has other ways of showing signs of uncertainty or anxiety, even separation anxiety. This could be due to your dog not having yet learned the best practices (relaxation, reinforcing calm behaviour) with you that help him or her understand that time and distance apart is not a bad thing, but something everyone can look forward to, even for just a little and build from there. Anxiety is of course different for every dog and many different triggers may cause this, which is why it’s important to seek our a dog trainer’s support and knowledge in helping you understand how to guide your dog before, during, and after moments where he or she feels as though the best and only option they have is to continuously follow you around your home. Until then, the next reason is one you can Begin putting into practice sooner than later and likely start seeing a major difference in your dog’s behaviour, in many ways!

Boredom One of the biggest reasons we love dogs is because they have the will to do what it takes (for us and themselves) to move forward! But when it comes to relentlessly moving as your shadow as you walk around inside your house, one major reason for this may be due to a lack of proper stimulation outlets. This doesn’t mean your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, or that he or she needs more walks. But rather, this means that your dog following you around could be their way to let you know that they’ve still got a bit (or a lot) of energy left to put to good use! Most commonly it’s mental energy that our average household dogs tend to store inside their mind, on a daily basis, until they feel as though the time has come to find an outlet that will do the job! And that’s where following you around comes in! But recognizing this could be the reason behind it, opens up a whole new world for you and your dog as you can then begin exploring fun activities you can put into place on a daily basis! Lookup nose games to challenge your dog’s mind, as well as food and snuffle puzzles that can and should replace your dog’s bowl for further daily enrichment. For physical activities, continue going on your walks but supplement them with a fun flirt pole toy that you can use both indoors and outdoors! This toy is one of the quickest and most fun ways to get your dog’s physical energy out! There you have it! Don’t forget that your pup loves you, and that potential anxiety is something you can get dog training support but what can help a lot is practicing fun, daily enrichment activities! Did you learn something new from this post? Let us know at


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