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Small Dog Play Sessions Near Me

Got any dog training questions?

Small Dog Play Sessions Near Me

Lilos Club 🐶💛

"We help small dogs unleash their big pawtential."

Call/Text (647) 995 3647

Lilo, the pooch that started it all.

Welcome to Lilo's small dog club!

Lil'o's Club Logo

Lilo is the pooch that started it all! As a small, shy and timid dog, she inspired us to create an environment where small dogs could flourish and safely play, socialize and reach their dog training potential.

Through our Lil'o's Club 💛 program, we provide different types of support for small dogs, to help meet their daily training, enrichment and socialization needs.

Our services range from group outings and indoor play sessions, to private and drop-off training, play time and socialization options tailored to suit every small dog's needs.

Lil'o's Club

Our Services 🐶

Browse our services and book as you need. If you're not sure which service is right for you, please feel free to contact us.

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1 On 1 Private Dog Training

Through session at your home and/or drop-offs, we can work on any issues and dog training concerns you have. The goal of private training is to help you understand the different reasons for your dog's different behaviours, why they feel the need to do them and how to guide them towards making better choices in pain-free ways.

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Group Hikes/Walks

This will be a fun group walk session dedicated to all of our dogs under 20 lbs (Rabies required) and their pet parents. During the walk, dogs will get to play, socialize at whatever distance they're comfortable with, sniff new smells, discover new sights, and enjoy simply being outdoors with you and us!

Small Dog Play Sessions Near Me

Indoor Group Play

There's really nothing better than a dog who's able to make amazing choices in fun and social environments. Let's get together and help our dogs not only socialize and play with one another, but also practice working through their distractions, engaging with you, and above all feeling good about being close to other littles and their pet parents. And no need to worry, as there will always be a trainer  present to guide all pet parents attending.


Monday Munchies

Make your Monday fun! Bring out all of your dog's favourite toys, especially puzzles and snuffle mat-like toys and hide a few pieces of your dog's food inside them. Bonus points if you set this all up while your dog isn't looking.

Monday Mess

It's okay to be messy sometimes. Give yourself a moment to be messy by moving furniture around, or putting some of your used laundry on the couch and let your dog snuffle. You can also let your dog shred cardboard or carton (so long as they won't try to eat it) to their heart's content, especially as a way to wind down from other activities, or a walk.

Monday Mindfulness

Go out of your way to show your dog what type of behaviours you're happy with, when around other people. Do this by taking your dog to a public place, like the entrance of a mall or store (take as much space as you both want) and as your dog watches people walk from close or afar, but chooses to check back in with you an look at you, be sure to reward!

Weekly Enrichment Plan 📆 🐶 🤓

We've put together a weekly plan you can use as a guide to provide your dog with different and daily enrichment activities, both indoors and outdoors!

This is where I recommend you start when tackling any dog training concerns and/or to simply ensure that your dog feels as mellow and happy, on a daily basis (which helps prevent undesired behaviours).

Follow it to the best of your ability and tailor the activities to best match your dog's needs. You can bookmark this page on your phone's home screen or on your browser for quick access.

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